8 Heads of Madness Wins Czech Film Critics' Award

On Saturday, January the 27th, 2018, the film produced by our company, 8Heads of Madness, won the Czech Film Critics' Award for Best Artistic Achievement. The Award went to Anna Krtičková and Marta Nováková.

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Ministry of Love Became a Victim of Censorship

The scandal is growing bigger and bigger among the Croatian media: Croatian-Czech Eurimages supported coproduction Ministry of Love by Pavo Marinković, which was shown at more than 30 international film festivals worldwide, was removed from the program of Croatian main broadcaster, HRT.

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The Chronicles of Melanie Won Most of the Top Prizes at Latvian Film Awards

Latvian-Czech-Finnish coproduction, The Chronicles of Melanie, which became the most watched film in Latvia in 2016, carried off most of the top prizes at Latvia's most prestigious film awards, so called Lielais Kristaps National Cinema Awards during the ceremony held on the 13th of November in Riga.

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